Tendy’s Catering specializes in personalized catering services according to your tastes and needs. We offer a refined tailor-made selection of flavors.

Our Services


Management of cafeterias in professional and school environments.


School catering, canteens within companies.

Coffee break

Business dinners, seminars and conferences.

Our Products

Chicken Caesar
    Sesame baguette, oven grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, ceasar sauce

Chicken Tikka
    Sesame baguette, oven-grilled tikka chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, tropical sauce

Salmon Cucumber
    Pavo baguette, salmon, cucumber, tartar sauce

    Normal baguette, mayo and tuna sauce, tuna, cucumber

Ham Turkey
    Cereal baguette, turkey ham, mayo sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese

Roast Beef
    Ciabatta Baguette, Oven-roasted beef steak, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tendy's sauce

    Oven-grilled chicken, lettuce, ceasar sauce

Raw Tuna
    Mayo and tuna sauce, tuna, cucumber

 Salmon Tartare
    Salmon, cucumber, tartar sauce

    Homemade tortilla, grilled chicken in the oven, lettuce, causar sauce

Hummus Avocado
    Homemade tortilla, Homemade Hummus, avocado, cherry tomato, lettuce

    Chicken, croutons, lettuce, red cheese, tomato, Caesar sauce

    Mozarella cheese, tomato crisis, lettuce

    Macaroni, cherry tomato, mayo and tuna sauce

Avocado and tuna quinoa
    Quinoa, avocado, tuna, lettuce, cherry tomato, lemongrass sauce

    Lettuce, eggs, beans, tuna, tomato, carrot, vinaigrette sauce

Raw Tuna
    Mayo and tuna sauce, tuna, cucumber

Ham Turkey
    Bechamel sauce, turkey ham, cherry tomato, red cheese

Pure butter croissant Almond croissant Chocolate bread Chocolate cookie Carrot cakes Chocolate cakes Nut brownies Tartlets Sweet verrines: Tiramisu Oreo Cheesecake Raspberry Cheescake Nutella Mousse Lemon meringue pie with a twist Salted butter caramel pannacotta Plain verrine: Perfect with muesli and seasonal fruits Fruit salad Granola, yogurt and honey Tropical fruit

Papaya Mango
Blueberry orange (depending on the season)
Strawberry Banana
Pineapple Strawberry Banana
Green smoothie

Orange juice
Orange peach juice (depending on the season)
Strawberry orange juice (depending on the season)
Orange banana juice
pomegranate juice press

Coffee with milk
Tea: English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Green, chamomile, verbena ...

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